Wheeled Nippers
Wheeled Nippers

Wheeled Nippers

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Wheeled Nippers designed to cut glass and ceramic tiles. The perfect tool to create shapes and size tiles for your projects.

8inch professional Round Nose Mosaic Pliers
dimension: 200mm *62mm
net weight: 385gram.

1.Made From High Quality Carbon Steel
2.With Non-Slip Soft Handle
3.Quenching Process Guaranteeing Hardness
4.Black Plated Surface For Rust-Proof
5.With Double Wheels
6.Cut From 1/32 Inch To 3/8 Inch Thickness
7.Easy Operate
8.Spring-Loaded Design

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wheeled Nippers

Very easy to use.

Darlene Hagen
Haven’t used them yet

If they’re like the other ones I have they’ll be superb

Cindy Shaw
Wheel nippers

Greetings, I have tried my new wheel nippers and find them very easy to use. They are easy to grip as my hands are not large. They seem to cut well. Being a newby I need a bit more practice to give an honest opinion but so far seems good. Thank you for the prompt service.

Rainbow inside my package

I haven't tried any of the cutters yet though I am familiar with using them. When I opened my package it was like a rainbow inside. Super colourful and pleasing. I can't wait to start using them. I'm going to mosaic a coffee table with tulips. It is a vision and anytime I get a vision I have to do it. The table was picked up off the street and I stripped it down - pure Walnut. Yes, I am covering the top of this walnut table.