Spotlight: Svetlana Protko - Montreal, Canada

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Svetlana is a Montreal based artist who has been doing mosaics for over 12 years. Through the art of mosaic, Svetlana is able to express her love and appreciation for the beautiful life she has lived, as well as be in constant contact with Mother Nature, flora, and fauna.

Svetlana found her true calling for mosaic after working a long career in Engineering, she found that she was interested in mosaic because of the textures, colours, and the beautiful handmade decorations that can be made. 

“My passion is to create unique and vibrant works of art from any type of material, unusual mixtures are what interests me the most, which is why my creations are so different!”

As a result, Svetlana’s creations are very colorful textured, contemporary mosaics with a little bit of wildness in each piece.

"I have gathered a lot of cultural knowledge and creativity and I attempt to highlight these unique traits in whatever I make” says the artist. She expresses how her inspiration comes from her background and the nature around her, she has experienced a decade of living in different countries like Belarus, Lebanon, and Canada, which is where a lot of her inspiration comes from. Svetlana’s main point is that she likes to add colour and texture to every piece of artwork as it is what puts everything together.

Svetlana’s mosaic creations can be found at galleries, in markets, and online. They are decorative art which can be very functional such as mosaic mirrors, trays, picture frames, flowerpots, garden bird houses, etc. As well as she has conducted master classes in Mosaic in Calgary, where she lived for wonderful five years, and now in Montreal.

“Let’s be creative, let’s be positive”

Svetlana loves to share her passion as well as bring happiness and joy to others through creativity and art. “Let’s be creative, let’s be positive” is her moto for every day and advice for people around her. Through her art, she invites everyone to join her in the wonderland of painting with glass…aka mosaics, and to discover the beauty and colour in our everyday lives.

“Art is meditation and therapy. Just try it and start to believe in your artistic ability to create and be an artist.” –Svetlana. S




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  • Sharon O'Dornan on

    I’ve admired Svetlana’s work for awhile now. This profile was very interesting.

  • Patrizia Brasch on

    Beautiful mosaics.

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