Spotlight: Mélanie Beauchamp - Shawinigan, Quebec

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Mélanie is from Shawinigan, Quebec and has a studio at home where she works on her projects. The first time that Mélanie encountered mosaic was while she was walking down a street in Montreal and came across a boutique/workshop. Mélanie was so fascinated by the work, she decided to walk in and find out more about mosaic. Once she had some knowledge, Mélanie began to learn more about the art of mosaic, and since then she has not stopped.

For Mélanie, mosaic is a lifestyle as she works on her mosaic projects every day, whether she is making art in her studio or in her office working on upcoming projects. As well as Mélanie is always learning more about mosaics by reading and taking classes/doing workshops.

Mélanie finds inspiration for her art through nature, and from this, she makes abstract works through mosaic using smaltis, ceramics, marble, slate, glass and vitreous glass. Mélanie also likes to do commissioned work as it inspires her in different ways as each client has a different style that she meets through the art of mosaic, “These orders always push me to surpass myself and are real sources of inspiration in my work” says Mélanie.

Mélanie’s advice is “practice, practice, practice!”

You can find her lovely creations through her Facebook and Instagram page. Mélanie’s advice to someone who is interested in starting mosaic is to “practice, practice, practice!”, she also follows this advice as Mélanie believes that by doing the art of mosaic, you discover new techniques and materials that you might be interested in exploring!

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  • Sharon O'Dornan on

    This is a lovely profile, with beautiful pieces to illustrate Mélanie’s story. I enjoyed it!

  • Patrizia Brasch on

    Super profile of an artist whose work I admire.

  • Mélanie Beauchamp on

    Thank you for presenting my work !

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