ARTICLE- The Top 5 Benefits of Mosaics for Kids

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Mosaic Art has a rich history in countries all around the world. Not only is it a creative, environmentally friendly, and fun hobby, but it’s also a cultural and community touchstone.

In Canada alone, you can find workshops led by experienced mosaic artists, cities featuring beautiful mosaic murals, and a thriving community of talented artists. But what some people might not realize is how useful mosaic art is for the development and learning of children.

Mosaics can be a great lesson or afternoon activity for schools, summer camps, or even your own home. They can help develop creativity, focus and concentration, and even a sense of community and teamwork.

So let’s take a look at the top five benefits of mosaics for kids, and see how mosaics can make a fun, engaging, and rich activity for all ages.

1. Creativity

Creativity is how children express themselves and discover more about the world. Children play with different art forms, as they stretch their imaginations and work out how they feel about the world and the things they see. And through this expression, they can convey more about their thoughts than they could through simple words.

While for parents, and anyone working with children, this creative expression unlocks a door into children’s thoughts and feelings, not only showing how they are developing but how they are coping with that development.

At the same time, creative pursuits also improve children’s problem-solving skills, setting them up to assess and overcome problems they face in the future.

Mosaics are a unique art form that combines discovery and working through a puzzle with your hands. Children get the tactile experience of solving these puzzles while also expressing themselves with unique and limitless materials.

2. Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are linked to everything from eating to writing to getting dressed. In other words, they’re important for children to develop.

When looking for tactile art forms that help develop those fine motor skills, people often default to painting or drawing, but they shouldn’t overlook the developmental potential of mosaic art. Mosaics force children to physically manipulate its parts into the right pattern and build the expression of their thoughts one piece at a time. In this way, they’re able to become more connected with the final product of their imaginations through the sense of touch.

They can also discover new ways to overcome the limitations of their vision from thought to art, as they physically play with different connections between pieces of the mosaic. And all the while developing their fine motor skills for future puzzles and every day life.

3. Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is a vital skill that is linked to the very process of making decisions in life. Through it, we’re able to recognize problems and situations and instantly connect them with our existing knowledge.

For this reason, it’s very important for children to develop pattern recognition skills, so they can excel in school and work, and function in their day to day lives.

Mosaics, and mosaic kits in particular, help foster and develop pattern recognition skills in children.

These kits come with specific designs and materials that force children to work through a kind of puzzle. Seeing how the shapes piece together, manipulating and testing them until each fits into the final product.

Mosaic kits are unique in their benefits to children, as the art form encourages children to play and experiment, while at the same time directing them to a pre-designed ending.

Can any other art form say the same?

4. Focus and Concentration

Focus and concentration is a skill that is harder and harder to develop and retain in modern life.

With the rise of the internet, gaming, and social media platforms like Tik-Tok, everything is designed to diminish children’s attention spans. That’s why art forms that heighten and develop focus and concentration are more important than ever.

Mosaics are better than most art forms in this development, because they motivate children to slowly and patiently work out the puzzle of what this piece of art will become.

Mosaic kits add an extra layer to this development by providing a goal children work towards in completing the mosaic. They can find guidance in the finished image but also inspiration of what they’ll have built once they’re done.

All of this encourages them to focus and carry on with the mosaic until it’s complete, a skill they’ll find useful in many other places in life.

5. Teamwork

Teamwork is a fantastic skill that’s always important to foster with children.

The disadvantage with most art forms is that they are often individual experiences. A child will paint their own painting, build their own pipe cleaner house, or craft their own playdough creation.

Mosaics, on the other hand, encourage collaboration. A mosaic is a puzzle that is made more beautiful with every mind that adds its input. And where one person can’t find a way forward, another person might discover inspiration.

Schools and summer camps are important places where children can most strongly develop their interpersonal skills, including by working towards a common goal. Mosaics give these children that common goal, along with something tangible they can share at the end of the experience.

A painting of a rainbow can be a beautiful individual creation. A mosaic of a rainbow can be the thing that brings a group of children together.


Mosaics are an art form that you should consider for children at school, summer camp, or home. By building mosaics, children develop their concentration, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, focus, and teamwork. And most importantly, they have fun.

If you’re looking for a great activity for children this summer, we actually have our own mosaic kits. These kits are unique, and they’re prepared the moment an order is received. They aren’t created in a factory but are designed specifically by us, with the majority of items locally sourced in Canada.

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